NLA Associates


Nancy Lewis Associates, Inc. is a consulting firm specializing in the provision of services related to affordable housing, community development, and public policy. The firm works with non-profit corporations, for-profit developers, public agencies, lenders and investors to increase the supply and affordability of decent housing for low and moderate income persons.


We provide expertise to help our clients plan, finance and complete development of well-designed housing for low and moderate income persons.


We assist local government agencies in developing and implementing housing production and rehabilitation programs, and homeownership assistance programs. We underwrite loan and investment proposals to ensure high-quality cost-effective projects.


With our assistance, clients have developed over 3,000 housing units including rental apartments, condominiums, emergency shelters and transitional housing for families, seniors, and persons with special needs.

HFL Sequoia Apartments, Van Nuys, CA
NLA Associates
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